About Me

My wife, JoDell, and I have lived in District 1 for 14 years and we are thrilled to be raising our family in such a rich and diverse community. I am a graduate of Weber State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Currently I am a licensed Escrow Officer working for a local title company. I have served on the Rose Park Community Council and been actively engaged with my church, neighborhood and school communities. Values like honesty, integrity, hard work and teamwork matter to me. I’m a listener. I’m a leader. I’m working for you.

Why I am Running

I love District 1 and the residents who live here.

This is truly the place I call home and where I have dedicated the last 14 years to serving the people who live here. I am inspired by the well-established senior couples who built their homes here after World War 2 and by the new families who have moved here to either start, or rebuild, their lives. The fact that we have many great parks, easy access to the Jordan River Trail, a public library, a variety of churches, community centers and locally owned and operated businesses makes District 1 a true gem within the capital city. This community is where my family and I live, learn, eat, shop and play and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I believe in Salt Lake City.

I am proud to tell people that I live in Salt Lake City! I am thrilled with the revitalization of downtown and the expansion of public transportation. The city’s emphasis on recycling and the new green bike program are a step in the right direction towards more sustainable living. I am excited about the creation of the Glendale and Marmalade libraries. Great things are happening here. However, as we look towards a significant increase in our population, the decisions we make today about the development of our city will dictate the quality of life we enjoy in the future. We must be certain that our money is wisely invested in those projects that will benefit our community long term.

I am the right guy for the job.

  • Degree in political science and a working knowledge of city government
  • Served on the Rose Park Community Council
  • Actively engaged with neighborhood schools
  • Longtime supporter of local youth sports programs
  • Community involvement advocate